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Here's the thing: When women run for office, they win at the same rates as men. And when they win, they tend to be really good at their jobs.

  • Female politicians are more likely to say they entered politics because of a specific policy concern, which means they're focused on actually getting stuff done.

  • They are more likely to sponsor bills, and women tend to keep their proposals alive longer, even when they're in the minority party.

  • They're more likely to reach across the aisle.

  • And if we learned anything from Senators Collins & Murkowski in the healthcare fight this summer, it's that female politicians are more likely to have a damn spine. (Okay, this last one isn't a sourced fact, but c'mon: you know women saved health care.)

So, basically, we need more people to run like girls.

Join MSP NOW and The Progressive North for the Run Like a Girl race, where we'll raise money for WomenWinning, a Minnesota-based organization that encourages, promotes, supports, and elects pro-choice women of all political parties to all levels of public office.

Race Day Schedule
8:00 am          Registration
9:00 am          5K Start
9:15 am           2.5K Start

Registration Pricing
5K/2.5K                                 $35

5K/2.5K - 12 & Under            $25
5K/2.5K - Student                 $25
5K/2.5K - 65+                        $25